About Kamikoto

“Craftsmanship has been at the beating heart of Japan for hundreds of years; Kamikoto 神箏 builds on this legacy of steelmaking excellence to make tradition relevant. Each product is a masterclass in knifemaking; you can feel the spirit of the craftsman in the end piece.”

Kamikoto is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and sources its steel from select and carefully chosen steel mills on Honshu 本州 island, from the prefectures of Niigata 新潟市, Ibaraki 茨城県and Kanagawa 神奈川県, among others. Kamikoto knives are made for a lifetime, the perfect balance of strength and aesthetic beauty. A solemn blade, the Kamikoto knife is designed for chefs.

Kamikoto 神箏 and The Spirit of Service

Kamikoto appreciates that a good product is incomplete without great service. Our work does not end with the craftsmanship of a flawless blade. Understanding and anticipating a client's needs is integral to the Japanese 神箏 spirit of omotenashi, or the philosophy of selfless hospitality. Kamikoto's goal is to respond to clients' needs clearly and quickly, delivering the same high quality in Kamikoto 神箏 service as is found in Kamikoto 神箏 products; and to strive to see things from our client's perspective as well as from our own

A Legacy of Excellence


Kazuomi Yamamoto 
Fourth-Generation Master Knifesmith
Chairman, Kamikoto 神箏 Advisory Board

Yamamoto-san is a fourth-generation master knifesmith and Chairman of the Kamikoto 神箏 Advisory Board. He continues to work in the company founded by his great-great grandfather in 1908. A family of swordsmiths, Yamamoto-san’s ancestors made their living forging traditional katana blades. The family refined steel and made katana blades for the Japanese Navy. Yamamoto-san sees the knife industry in Niigata as one born of necessity and demand, and is optimistic that this ancient craft will stay alive and flourish for many generations to come.

Tsuyoshi Inagaki
Client Relationship Manager
Client Relationship Manager Inagaki-san is the primary point of contact for Kamikoto 神箏 clients in Tokyo. Inagaki-san endeavors to embody the Kamikoto 神箏 philosophy to deliver an exceptional product, and to think and act from the client’s viewpoint. Inagaki-san is a knowledgeable blade and culinary expert and is always ready to share his honing and sharpening skills with clients who require assistance with keeping their Kamikoto 神箏 knives in pristine shape.

"While the world around us has moved to less exacting production techniques, Kamikoto 神箏 has stayed true to its original values based on craftsmanship and quality."